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NOTE: You can search on ( for the trademark status. 


Does the (non-dictionary) word domain contain a 'famous' trademark and IF YES - DO YOU OWN THAT FAMOUS TRADEMARK?  IF YES, the domain adds great value to the Trademark.

IF NOT (it's not your Trademark), you will most likely be hearing from that famous trademark owner eventually, and be expected to provide the domain to that entity at no charge (unless your Registration date precedes the Trademark Date which is unlikely).  You can try to retain the domain, but you may be stripped of the domain legally and there is typically very little retail sales value anyway except for a small group of buyers.   This is where 'good faith' comes in, and efforts should be made to provide the domain to the trademark holder if possible.  Typically, a domain sale of this type is valued anywhere from $0 to $500 (you will be lucky to get reimbursed on registration fees - but a TM holder will usually agree to a small amount for convenience sake). n effort.from a reta at no chagehear from the fable toYesis  


Does the domain contain a non-famous trademark?  Again, good faith comes in here.  If the domain is a match to an existing trademark, you may not be able to retain the domain unless the domain Registration date is earlier than the trademark date.  In any case, domains that compete with trademarks are not usually considered valuable to the domain holder, but could be of value to an alternate trademark holder (sometimes there are several trademarks such as Navigator has over 350 trademarks associated with it).


If no Trademark conflicts, and no Dictionary Words - how many characters are there?

1 character .com's are not generally allowed (exceptions are and a few others)

2 letter .com domain - 500k+

2 number .com domain - 500k+

3 letter .com domain - 5k to 100k

3 number .com domain - 5k to 100k

4 letter .com domain - $.5k to 50k

4 number .com domain - $.5k to 10k 

5-8 letter .com domain - $50 to 50k

5-8 number .com domain - $20 to 2k 

9+ letters or numbers - $20 to 20k

  *For a more accurate estimate (which accounts for more specific domain attributes), get an Domain Estimate

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