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Sales Guarantee, Domain Transfers, and Returns/Refunds 



Guarantee -  Virtual Store Inc. guarantees delivery of your purchase (when following the standard delivery provisions as outlined below) within 60 days (although more typically within 1 day) from the date of purchase - or your payment will be returned in full - upon request. 

Upon purchasing a Domain (.com or any other dot extension) from Virtual Store Inc., we typically provide you with Administrative Control (Ownership*) of the Domain Registration via either a 'short push' of the Domain to your account (at the same Registrar) or via a full Registrar transfer when deemed necessary. In most cases, the push process is much, much faster (an hour or two after payment is confirmed is not un-common - and as long as you provide your applicable Registrar account info to us in a timely manor). 

The details involved in the 'push' process varies among Registrars, but typically involves you providing the Virtual Store Inc. representative with your user account # and the account email address.  You will be contacted after checkout using the email address and/or phone number you provided with your order.  Your Registrar email address can differ from the Registrar email address, but please notify the representative when prompted. 

Although rare, sometimes a Domain transfer can take up to 60 days depending on the present Registrar status.  We therefore strongly encourage the Registrar 'push' method accordingly. 

IMPORTANT: Thereafter, once the domain is verified to be within your account, you are all done with Virtual Store and you must then maintain your Domain's annual registration fee (via your administrator email address).  Annual renewal fees typically run anywhere from $10 to $40 depending on the specific extension and Registrar involved and cannot be avoided in any case.  You can move your domain to any Registrar desired once you have full 'admin' control.  

CRITICAL: Your domains 'admin' email address must remain fully functional as this is the only way Registrars tend to communicate your future renewals.  If you do not renew the domain annually, you risk loosing it without much recourse to get it back for non-payment of the registration fee.  Renew domains well in advance of their expiration dates!

SPECIAL NOTE: Virtual Store does not intentionally offer or sell any Domains with 'known' Trademark conflicts or challenges. However, it must be understood that we CANNOT guarantee any Domain will remain free of Trademark conflicts (or similar), either past, present or future. 

Virtual Store sells all domains on an 'as-is' basis and therefore does not warrant OR guarantee against any future Trademark or Copyright claims.  Every reasonible effort is made to avoid such circumstances.  You are encouraged to explore any potential conflicts using sources such as, among others. 

ACCORDINGLY, any and all relative and current trademark and copyright values of a Domain listed and sold at is hereby claimed by virtue of the original Domain registration date, and said claimed 'value' is thereby intentionally and purposefully included within the sale of the Domain and thus taking effect upon effective registration 'transfer' once purchased.  Contact US with questions about a Trademark, etc., or if you feel a domain we have listed is in conflict with your existing Trademark. 

Return Policy - Domains are sold "as-is" by Virtual Store Inc. Once the domain has been ordered by you, all sales are considered final. While delivery of your purchase is Guaranteed, with Domains being considered intellectual property, we do not generally accept Returns or provide Refunds. However, any and all requests for a Return/Refund/Exchange may still be reviewed and considered by Virtual Store on a case by case basis, as long as a request is submitted in writing within 10 days of the original purchase date.  Contact US with questions about a return/refund.

*Control of a Domain Registration determines the Domain Owner and this information is usually listed in the public WHOIS records as the Administrator. An Authorized Registrar is so authorized by an organization called ICANN. Registrar's typically also provide Site Hosting, but the Hosting can also be maintained elsewhere by entering the a Host's Provided Nameservers into the domain settings within the Registrar Account. Our domains are typically registered through Domain Registrar: or 

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