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Daily Costs and requirements to use the Oat Mountain Ranch.  Buy Credits Here

First, you must have liability and workers comp. insurance and attest to this fact.  Confirmation certificate will be required.

Unless you have already worked with us before, it is highly recommended that you contact us (call or email) well in advance of your expected dates to pre-book those dates prior to securing your rent credits. 

Once you are ready, you can then use the online cart to formally book and pay for your desired dates/services in the form of prepaid credits at $1000 per credit. More credits can always be purchased at any time and as needed.

The minimum one day ranch location rental (for up to 10 members) is $2000/day (includes one location and MOD). 

The entire ranch (with unlimited crew members) is $6000/day (includes entire ranch and MOD)

The minimum requires two credits - that is 1000 for min. location area, and 1000 for the required on-site MOD.  The MOD is your primary contact person for everything that you may need ranging from access, escorting, unlocking areas, headcount, misc. questions and permissions, etc., and then closing.  The Ranch M.O.D. is the Manager On Duty - $1000 per day (up to 10 hours - after 10pm (or 10 hours), the MOD is prorated at $200/hr).

CREW SIZE VARIABLE: The following rates apply for up to a 10 person crew.*

The minimum rental outlined above also requires the crew to be in 'one vehicle' so that the MOD can easily escort you into the ranch. If multiple vehicles and more frequent access will be needed for larger productions, an access permit will be necessary from the security company. The security permit fee is typically about $100/day depending on the size and duration of the production.

*Adding extra crew above 10 is $100 per crew-member per day.  (ie: 20 member crew would be 2000 per day or a 25 member crew would be 2500/day - plus applicable MOD and permit fees, etc.).  All crew members and visitors will be required to sign in and out.

At least one location area ($1000 min) must be reserved per day.  Buy Credits Here

NOTE: The entire ranch, including all the areas below (if not already booked), may be reserved exclusively for 5000/day.   The MOD and Security Permit are still required additionally, but the crew size limitation will be waived.

Arena (area) - 1000/day

Meadow (area) - 1000/day

Cabin, Sheds, Structures - 1000/day

Pink Corral (area) - 1000/day

Dome (area) - 1000/day

Oak Flats (area) - 1000/day

East Gates (area) - 1000/day

Little Jungle (area) - 1000/day

Jalopy Junction (area) - 1000/day

The Junk Yard (area) - 1000/day


Ranch Equipment/Extras Available (hourly charge includes on-duty MOD Operator and Fuel):


- Extra Security Monitor Person - $500 per day

(up to 10 hours - after 10pm (or 10 hours), the MOD is prorated at $200/hr).

- MOD Operated - John Deere Loader with fuel -  $300/ per hour - (min. 2 hours)

- MOD Operated - CAT Excavator with fuel -  $300/ per hour - (min. 2 hours)

- MOd Operated - Water Truck with sprayer (non-potable 400 gallons) - $200/hour (min. 2 hours)

- MOd Operated - Small 3 ton capacity Dump Truck (F350) - $300/hour (min 2 hours)

- MOD Operated - New Holland Mowing Tractor/Loader - (min 5 hours)