Hollywood TMZ

Oat Mountain is ideally situated close to Hollywood and well within the 'Thirty-Mile-Zone', making it ideal for productions.

Many 4x4 roads and remote locations are available for the ultimate privacy.

PRIVATE and Exclusive!

The ranch location is only accessible via a security checkpoint - some limitations may apply.


BUY CREDITS - Available only at OatMountain.com

NOTE: Larger Productions (more than one vehicle) may be subject to a security agreement (fee) directly through our security provider. This usually averages about $100/day and helps insure your VIP access.

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The 100 yard Arena is about as big as a football field.

Useful as a mobile production base, create a set, or use as a Helipad.  Also, it's a great place to hold some horses. 

Arena rate is $1000 per day.

The ranch is off-grid, so bring your potable water, batteries, generators, and portable restrooms.


Water / Electricity Potential

For anyone that wants to make a studio home here, SCE Power is nearby running along the spine of Oat Mountain.  There is also possible natural gas service nearby.

There is a limited amount of water on-site, but there are two wells that could be repaired for local water.


Wilderness Atmosphere

Allen and Gary are ready to help to make sure everything is taken care of.

Some ranch areas are flat and smooth, while other areas are so rough and jagged they are barely reachable.

Heavy Duty Ranch Equipment Available On-Site.


Extremely Secure Location with several layers of security.

The Ranch has a firm No-Hunting Policy and Trespassers will be detained by Security and possibly arrested.

Hundreds of acres Located within the Santa Susana Mtns above Northridge.



Deer sightings are common within this Grassy Meadow.

This Meadow Area is available to rent for $1000 per day.

Very quiet! The only sounds you will hear, other than nature itself, is an occasional airplane.


Multiple Sets and Locations to choose from.


All Sets are Entirely Secure and 100 % Private.


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Come Enjoy the Warm and Casual Atmosphere!

Nice place for some sun, and even nicer place for some shade!

Listen to Wildlife and Watch Hawks Soar overhead in the Majestic Blue Skies.

Contact Us for more Information about Oat Mountain Studios.


Joint Project, Ventures, or Development may be considered.

NOTE: We are considering a tour partner for possible adventure trips around the ranch.  Think 'Wildlife Expedition' meets 'Paradise' - with glimpses of Hollywood production activity and occasional interactions.