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Ranch AVAILABLE for Rent or Lease

We have an isolated ranch location that is within the County of Los Angeles.

Very PRIVATE 600+ Acre Ranch hidden among large oak trees on top of the mountain.  This is on Oat Mountain (near the relay towers). Rent or Lease, all or part, short or long term.

If you are looking for a very secure location, this is it.  This un-occupied location is well protected by a 24-hour security gatehouse at the bottom of the hill, so only those specifically authorized and approved are permitted entry.

Do you need locations for your production or operation?

… would you like it by the hour, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This off-grid ranch is located near the Northridge/Calabasas/Porter Ranch areas – very close to Hollywood.    

It is just south of the 5 freeway, and just north of the 118 freeway at the Tampa Exit, then upwards from there toward the top of Oat Mountain.




Location:  Once you get to the top...

NOTE: RELAY TOWER SITE now available (see that high spot in the picture - the Elevation is over 3000').  

On the right side of the road, as pictured going up, is a field with a corral type area that is available for potential field operations or extra parking.


SCE Power is located nearby (used for the relay towers above), so this could also be a Development LOCATION for the right long term fit such as a private club, operation or residence.


No hunting allowed!



This is NOT a good location for extensive public access due to the security measures and neighbors (ie: not viable for high traffic things such as a public campground or large events).   

Typical self-insurance requirements apply.  Only legal uses allowed. 

Portable restrooms (or RV’s) are the renters responsibility to provide as needed.

Need Western Mountain Ranch Scenes?  Need a Remote cabin?  



Picturesque views of the surrounding mountains - Unique landscapes.

In addition to the existing rustic structures, there is plenty of open space to create sets, stages, a training ground, or whatever.     



Ideal location for Commercials, Films, Movies, Productions, Sets, Music Video's, Small Private Events, Weddings, Photo Shoots, Training Camp, Horse/Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation Facility, Firewood production/harvesting (lots of trees downed by the drought – give us a call)!



Could be a possible location for seasonal farming/growing or secure placement of a greenhouse (including for cannabis if legally operated). 

There are some corrals and possibilities for other animals, but vast improvements would be needed to secure all the fences and corrals.

Tractors are always on site and ready to help as needed.

There is some water available on-site, but currently there is no electricity (other than a small gasoline powered generator).




Could be a good secure campus location for high profile individuals looking for complete isolation - but still enjoy excellent cell phone service in general.


Ranch Style Opportunity...



Could be groomed into an ultra-private resort, corporate headquarters, movie studio, entertainment area, exclusive golf, executive retreat, etc. - The natural surroundings provide for various wild life (large and small) co-existing on this peaceful property. 


In lieu of a security deposit, Short Term rent payments are required in advance. 

We will consider providing some rent credit towards authorized site improvements made during the term.  All credits and improvements must be agreed upon in principal well in advance of the subject work to get credit toward any balance due.

HOURLY - $50/hr (4 hour min) Special for artists, photographers, and students ONLY (limited to 12 people).

DAILY - $1200/day*

WEEKLY - $4800/week*

MONTHY - $9000/month*

YEARLY (Lease) - $5000/month – requires $5000 security deposit*

*(includes access to entire ranch for a 12 person crew/staff, add $100 per person above 12)


Contact James to make your reservation or schedule a site visit.

Visit the website at www.Ranchwell.com