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Golf Etiquette From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Golf etiquette refers to a set of rules and practices designed to make the game of golf safer, and more enjoyable for golfers, and to minimize possible damage to golf equipment and courses.

Although many of these practices are not part of the formal rules of golf, golfers are customarily expected to observe them. The R&A rule book states that the overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.


Golf principles most certainly carry over to life, some would call it Karma.  Negative deeds will return to a conscious mind in the form of flashbacks, which is hell.  It's simple - Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated.


Tiger Woods scores perfect "10" on PAR 3 at Masters

12th Hole


Why was it Perfect?


Instead of breaking a club or having a tantrum...

he was mindful of taking the opportunity to set an example.


He birdied 5 out of the next 6 holes to finish.