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A Place for Horn Blowing



Rule #1. Taken is never enjoyed!

So leave things be, and let's all talk.

Why is the military even being deployed?

Think of the lives already destroyed,

The children are weak and still in shock,

Please, if you can, just stop the clock!


Rule #2. What goes around, comes around!

What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander,

You better remember that - as a Commander!

Treat all life as you would be treated,

Otherwise it's a matter of just when - you will be defeated.

Karma is Karma, and Peace can be found,

Forces for good always win on the ground.

There is no time to wait...

Get away before it's too late,

Soon your life, will be flashing before your eyes,

These things will all haunt you - a sign of your demise.


A Place For Horn Blowing

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