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Determining the value for a domain is fairly straight-forward.   Most domains are worth nothing, but some domains are as good as gold.   Here is how to determine value:


1. Is it a .com?   If yes, continue with 2 (nothing else comes close to .com)

2. Any numbers mixed with letters, or a dash, within the domain?  If no, continue with 3.

3. Do the characters form or contain a phrase, words, or something memorable?  If yes, go to 4.

4. Are there less than 15 characters total?  If yes, go to 5.

5. Does the domain match a famous trademark (that which you do not own)?  If no, go to 6.

6. Generally, any domain that makes it this far has some added value.  Other common sense aspects must also be applied to insure that a domain is not offensive or objectionable in nature to the general public.  There are exceptions to all guidelines, but an easy to remember .com domain has value anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few million dollars in very rare cases.  Words create the most value within a domain:

MOST VALUABLE: one short word or short number - the most valuable domains (10k + to unlimited).  This is a sellers market, so just depends on how many buyers line up.  Nothing else to say here, these are like art work, some are priceless.  Make your best deal if you can get one.

ALSO VALUABLE: 2 short words OR 1 long word ($500 - $10k range for most commonly used words).  This is the most common and realistic place to find domains at a good and fair price vs. quality.  Generic terms can generate traffic and be easy to recall.   The obvious goal is for the domain to make perfect sense for a particular website.

Narrowing down the value of a domain within the $500 to $10k range is difficult at times.  Circumstances of both the buyer and seller now becomes part of the equation.  Some sellers do not want to sell, so they can hold out for millions in some cases.  Most domain sales are in the 1 to 10k range and are easily transferred from one owner to another via Registrar's.